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Artificial Intelligence (AI) can accelerate the core activities required today for intelligent drug discovery, drug repurposing and polypharmacology. The Cures Accelerator™ utilizes billions of data points of scientific and clinical data along with automated machine learning, bioinformatics, computational chemistry and advanced network sciences to cost-effectively enable smarter, more context-driven research initiatives. All computational activities in The Cures Accelerator™ are seamlessly integrated forming a continuous learning environment, with industry standard tooling and interoperability, to significantly accelerate exploration, understanding and actionable information within the laboratory and throughout the enterprise.

Contact us today to learn how The Cures Accelerator™ software platform will provide unique insights, drive hyper-speed collaboration and serve as an effective computational paradigm in the new era of precision medicine.

At IOMICS, we believe in the power of AI and data-driven discovery to accelerate cures.

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