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The Future of Clinical Care

FUSION CI™ is a feature-rich software application for developing advanced population stratification models utilizing a broad range of multiscale clinical and molecular data and advanced machine learning technologies. FUSION CI allows research clinicians to rapidly profile patient populations and care processes to identify drivers of comorbidity, disease progression, and rising risk. FUSION CI is a complete solution providing clinical data management and automated model development in one integrated system. FUSION CI can be live linked with EHR/HIE systems, high-complexity assays, and remote patient monitoring technologies for real-time patient analysis and risk assessment. FUSION CI is redefining precision model development for the next generation of clinical care.

Clinical Intelligence. Precision Models. Effective Care

FUSION models can be used to improve patient outcomes, reduce costs, and forge stronger value-added linkages between the institution and the patient.



Identifying Rising Risk

A top-ranked healthcare provider utilizes FUSION CI to identify rising risk patients within its clinical population. The preventive medicine group utilizes clinical observations, PRO instruments, and high-complexity assays to build next generation precision models that identify and rank interventions based on current patient state and historical population events. The goal is to reliably identify at-risk individuals and actionable care improvement strategies. From FUSION CI setup to effective precision model development in under 21 days.

Advanced Data Set Development

FUSION CI is designed to mine complex multiscale datasets to identify clinical and molecular phenotypes critical to patient profiling and population stratification. FUSION CI allows research clinicians to rapidly import and build model training sets utilizing a broad range of data types from clinical, genetic, biochemical, and imaging sources. Users can interactively review this diverse range of data for domain-of-applicability across patient demographics, histopathology, clinical assays, and a growing inventory of therapeutic options. Users can further ensure the latest EBM research is utilized during model development through built-in literature search options which access over 20 million peer-reviewed articles automatically filtered on the terms and concepts in your data. FUSION CI is accelerating how quickly patient and population data can be integrated and utilized in the clinical enterprise.

Fully integrated clinical and molecular data, pathway knowledge, and disease associations for immediate use within clinical intervention models.

Automated Intervention Discovery

improved_outcomesFUSION CI is designed to mine complex multiscale datasets to identify clinical and molecular phenotypes critical to patient profiling and population stratification. FUSION CI can explore your population data utilizing AI-based search techniques to simultaneously test a broad range of candidate intervention sequences for predictive value across multiple clinical parameters, high-complexity assays, and clinical endpoints. FUSION CI onscreen automation options allow research clinicians to rapidly build precision intervention models based on disease category, patient demographics and histopathology, therapeutic schedules, and clinical outcomes utilizing institutional specifications and published EBM guidelines. Discovery reporting includes multivariate assessment of patient characteristics, pathway involvement, and disease associations. FUSION CI can identify promising intervention sequences and perform in silico patient screening without custom programming or costly IT support. FUSION CI is redefining how quickly intervention sequences can be identified, tested, and deployed in the clinical enterprise.

FUSION CI models will improve clinical care across a broad range of disease models and intervention initiatives.

Advanced Intervention Initiatives

FUSION CI models can be used to identify and characterize normal and suboptimal clinical events within stratified populations. FUSION CI is designed to provide a visual summary of patient descriptors, prior interventions, and model-based patient forecasting. On-demand access to this information further clarifies population and patient level intervention options and the historical effectiveness of different clinical management strategies. Healthcare workers in different clinics can use shared desktop features to collaboratively assess and prioritize intervention sequences in support of coordinated care. FUSION CI is redefining how advanced analytics can be utilized in population health and wellness initiatives to improve outcomes and reduce operational costs.

  • Real-Time Patient Stratification

  • Comprehensive Intervention Design

  • Weight-of-Evidence Reporting

FUSION CI models can serve as standalone instruments or as embedded microservices within intervention health systems.

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