Our mission is to develop the first fully integrated translational sciences platform for systems and synthetic biology, drug discovery, drug repurposing and polypharmacology.

AI and Data-Driven Discovery

Artificial Intelligence has historically been focused on strategies and methods that simulate reasoning within narrowly defined problems. AI today is different. It utilizes multiscale data and information, is contextual and adaptive, and promotes automated inference and explainability.

Well designed AI systems can now provide you the strategies and methods to elevate automated reasoning to an actionable level.

Intelligent Drug Design

Drug development is now guided by AI and machine learning technologies that can rapidly identify and profile clinical phenotypes, molecular biomarkers, candidate drug targets, and ADMET optimized chemical species. AI is being utilized to identify the right target, the right lead and the right exposure faster and with greater specificity.

Precision Medicine

From chemistry-to-clinic, precision medicine involves the design of new molecules with physicochemical, biological and clinical properties effective for different patient populations. No other technology has been proven more effective than AI and machine learning to accelerate the broad range of activities required in the emerging field of precision medicine.

Accelerating Cures

With dozens of active projects ranging from biomarker discovery to chemical-target optimization to learning health system development we understand your challenges and integrate seamlessly with your laboratory systems, research pipelines and clinical operations.